Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ's about WP Interactions:

What is WP Interactions?

WP Interactions is an upcoming plugin that is designed to bring interactivity to websites built with the WordPress Editor. With WP Interactions, you can set triggers that will set off an action or series of actions to make any website element interactive.

Who created WP Interactions?

WP Interactions was created by Benjamin Intal, founder and lead developer of Stackable – a page builder block library plugin for WordPress.

When is your official launch?

As of now, WP Interactions is currently in Beta testing. If you wish to get a copy to test, you can download beta by signing up to our Beta release

Where can I leave feedback regarding beta?

Please feel free to fill up this form with your comments and suggestions: Our team truly appreciates any feedback you have so that we can further improve the plugin!

Is this similar with an automation plugin?

Not quite, automation revolves around triggers and performing actions, but it usually involves connecting services together or usually from the backend.

WP Interactions also uses the terms triggers and actions but focuses on allowing users to make any WordPress website element interactive in the frontend of your site. From creating animations to more complex things involving dynamic content and content manipulation, it’s all about making your frontend interactive.

How is this different from Stackable?

Stackable is a block plugin that gives users access to different custom Gutenberg blocks, designs, templates and wireframes, advanced features like dynamic content, conditional display and much more.

While WP Interactions focuses on offering a wide variety of triggers and actions that allow users to easily make any of their WordPress websites interactive.

Do I need to download Stackable in order to use WP Interactions?

No, you don’t need to download Stackable in order to enjoy the features of WP Interactions. WP Interactions was created for the Block Editor so it can be used with just the native blocks.

In the case you want to use this with a specific block plugin, WP Interactions should also work with any third-party blocks. As long as you use the Block Editor, then WP Interactions should work with any plugin.

Can I use this with X plugin?

Yes, WP Interactions can be used with any third-party blocks. As long as you use the Block Editor, then WP Interactions should work with any plugin.

How do I start using WP Interactions?

You can check out our Getting Started documentation for a more in-depth tutorial.

What can I create with WP Interactions?

You can create numerous things with WP Interactions! From animations like entrance animations, scroll animations and parallax effects to creating more complex things like displaying dynamic content, page navigation without refreshing, and content manipulation.

Is this only for animations?

No, you can use WP Interactions to build animations, but it has a lot of use cases. Imagine that if you have a very long form, you can use the different actions and starting state of your form elements and turn it into a multi-part form (it still might depend on the form plugin if this is possible)

What is a Trigger and Action?

  • A Trigger is an event that sets off an action or a series of actions that you can play.

    Some examples of triggers can be a click, hover, page scroll, page state, etc.

  • An Action is the resulting behavior that happens once a trigger is set off. You can create one action or a whole timeline of actions with just one trigger.

    Some examples of an action are fade, move, scroll, update post meta data, call webhooks, and much more.

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