What is WP Interactions and How Does It Work?

What is WP Interactions?

WP Interactions is a WordPress plugin that makes any website interactive with the WordPress Block Editor.

You can use WP Interactions to build animations and dynamic user experiences on the frontend of your website by setting up triggers and actions on blocks without using code.

How It Works

WP Interactions works by setting a trigger on any element, which will set off a selected action or series of actions as a result.

It works with WordPress native blocks and third-party block plugins.

What is a Trigger?

A trigger is an event that causes an action to take place on an element or your page’s frontend.

For example, clicking or hovering over an element, a class change, the user trying to exit the page, the page state changes, or even when the URL hash changes.

What is an Action?

An action is what happens in response to a trigger. It is the result or behavior that follows when the trigger occurs.

For example, animating or changing the color of an element, updating the contents of your page, changing the page state or even showing a confirmation dialog.

With WP Interactions, you can build a timeline of actions, giving you precise control over the timing of your actions.

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