How to Install and Activate the WP Interactions Beta Plugin

  1. Download the WP Interactions Beta plugin file from the beta email that you received.
  2. Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

  1. On the left side menu of your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins > Add New

  1. Upload the WP Interactions Beta plugin zip file and click "Install Now"

  1. Once the plugin is installed, click the “Activate Plugin” button

  1. Once the plugin activation is complete, you will see WP Interactions on your list of Installed Plugins.

  1. Add a new Page/Post to begin using WP Interactions with your native or third-party blocks.

  1. Click the WP Interactions button on the top toolbar of the Block Editor to open the WP Interactions settings.

You can also add Element Interactions by clicking the WP Interactions button on the block toolbar.

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