What are the Types of Actions?

An action is what happens in response to a trigger. It is the result or behavior that follows when the trigger occurs.

Here is the current list of actions you can add to an Element or Page Interaction (Expect this list to grow as we continue improving WP Interactions):


  • Opacity - Change the opacity of the element
  • Move - Move an element
  • Rotate - Rotate an element
  • Scale - Scale an element
  • Skew - Skew an element


  • Toggle CSS Class - Toggles a CSS Class
  • Update Attribute - Updates an HTML attribute
  • Text Color - Changes the text color
  • Background Color - Changes the background color
  • CSS Rule - Changes a CSS style rule


  • Scroll to element - Scroll to an element
  • Redirect - Redirect to a URL
  • URL Hash - Add a hash to the URL


  • Click Event - Simulate a click on an element
  • Fill Input - Fills in an input
  • Dispatch Event - Dispatches an HTML event from an element or from the window


  • Replace HMTL - Replace the inner HTML of an element
  • Insert HTML - Insert HTML inside or outside an element
  • Increment or Decrement - Increment or decrement a text number in your HTML, works only with integers

Logic Flow

  • Confirmation Dialogue - Shows a confirmation dialogue before continuing on the succeeding actions. If the user clicks cancel, the timeline will stop.

Page State

  • Local Storage - Sets an item in the local storage
  • Page State - Sets the current Page State to another


  • Copy to Clipboard - Copies text to the clipboard
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