What are Interactions?

What are Interactions?

Interactions are web design tools used to build animations and dynamic user experiences on the frontend of your website.

It works by setting a trigger on any element, which will set off a selected action or series of actions as a result.

You can create two types of interactions with WP Interactions:

  1. Element Interactions
  2. Page Interactions

Element Interactions

Element Interactions bring individual elements in your website to life. An element can be anything – a button, an image, a text, or even a widget. You can also assign an element to be triggered by one or more elements.

You can make elements move, change colors, and other eye-catching actions, or perform functional actions like updating parts of your page when a user interacts with them. Most actions available in page interactions are also available for element interactions.

Page Interactions

Page Interactions take your web design to the next level by allowing you to create dynamic effects that affect the entire page. This could include background color changes, page transitions, or special effects triggered by changes to your page’s state. Most actions available in element interactions are also available for page interactions.

Now that you know the different types of interactions you can make, learn How To Create An Interaction.

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